Davis County high school students won the majority of awards at a recent academic competition involving 20 high schools from northern Utah and southern Idaho.

At the sixth annual Academic Olympiad at Utah State University, students competed in knowledge of math, social studies, science and language arts.Bountiful High scored the highest point total, Davis High had the most points in math and social studies and Layton scored the most in science.

Of 15 individual medals awarded, the Davis County students took eight.

Nathan Simpson, Layton High, won a gold medal for his overall score, a silver for math and a silver for science; Michael Busse, Bountiful High, won silver medals for language arts and overall score; Carl Wadsworth, Bountiful High, won the gold in science; and Alex Eastman, Viewmont High, won bronze medals in science and overall score.

Wadsworth, Simpson and Bountiful High teacher Calvin Harris were awarded a trip to the Soviet Union.