A Little Rock newspaper says the stepfather of basketball star Todd Day has acknowledged that his son has been suspended from the University of Arkansas team for one year, apparently for participating in a sexual incident in an athletic dorm.

The Arkansas Democrat reported in Wednesday's editions that Day's stepfather Ted Anderson said, "Todd won't even be able to be eligible for a year."In a telephone interview with the newspaper, Anderson, a basketball coach at Hamilton High School in Memphis, Tenn., said the punishment of the four players involved in the Feb. 27 incident was "unfairly consistent."

A university official said the student-faculty board took disciplinary action following its investigation of the sexual incident, but refused to make the action public. Officials said federal law prohibits talking about disciplinary action, even in generalities.

Coach Nolan Richardson suspended player Darrell Hawkins for the first three games of next season for having a woman in his room. Richardson refused to say if he disciplined the other players.

Marshall Carlisle, who represents one of the players, said he and lawyers for the other players were considering an appeal of the board's decision.

University spokesman Jim Treadway said the school was forbidden by the 1974 Family Educational and Privacy Act from discussing the board's action at all. But he said some general information, including what type of action was taken, would be released after the appeals process is complete.