Any chance of hazardous or nuclear waste being dumped or buried in Millard County has been eliminated through an ordinance amendment approved by the county commission.

The amendment - prohibiting countywide commercial facilities being constructed for treatment, storage or disposal of hazardous waste materials - was taken following recommendations from the Millard County Planning Commission, said Jer' E. Brinkerhoff, county commission chairman.The purpose of the amendment is to avoid potential social, health and environmental risks and to establish guidelines for non-commercial hazardous industries. The latter will be allowed only where adequate infrastructure exists and at locations that protect population centers and other incompatible uses.

Wastes from industrial or manufacturing operations won't be prohibited.

Development of non-commercial hazardous wastes will be permitted if there is suitable access to existing railroads or highways, the amendment states. Conditional-use permits will be required and will be issued after "detailed public reviews so that all public health, safety and environmental issues are fully considered prior to allowing any such uses."

Commissioners said the action will protect agricultural land as well as residential, commercial and manufacturing areas.