Sanpete County is gearing up for what promises to be a difficult fire control season.

The county and eight towns have signed contracts that commit the towns to provide fire protection to the unincorporated areas in their vicinity, a county responsibility.Manti and Ephraim will each get $3,540; Fairview, $4,224; Spring City, $1,209; Fountain Green, $1,990; Gunnison, $7,050; Mt. Pleasant, $2,967, and Moroni, $5,480.

The amount each town gets was determined by the size of area it has to defend and other factors such as population and buildings, according to Sanpete County Commissioner Leonard Blackham.

He said the arrangement is advantageous to both the cities and the county. It enables the county to avoid owning and maintaining its own fire department and it gives the eight town extra money they can use for training their volunteer fire fighters and buying additional equipment.