It looks harmless but . . .

- Contact paper on a kitchen shelf may seem the logical way to line shelves but the glue on the back of the paper can be a smorgasboard for cockroaches.- Stacking uncovered raw meat on a shelf above lettuce might not appear to be unsafe but chicken blood, which contains salmonella, can drip onto produce below.

- Not labeling kitchen bottles is risky. Two bottles - one with water, one with ammonia, can be confused. A pizza delivery driver who sprays the back of a label glued on top of a pizza box could inadvertently pick up the wrong one. The ammonia toxin can seep through the box onto the food.

- Cover trash. When flies find a trashy meal chances are the next feast will be at your dinner table.

- Just because a freezer is frozen doesn't mean that germs and mold can't grow. Walls of freezers and icemakers should be swabbed out regularly with a solution of bleach and water.

- Don't leave food out; if you do, never for more than two hours. Don't cool it on a table; refrigerate it. Thaw frozen food in the refrigerator, not in a sink.