Dear Jeanne:

Can this recipe be revised? Thanks. - Mrs. R. Greer, Mesquite, TexasDear Mrs. Greer:

This is a tough one because to address the problems requires starting with primary ingredients and doing a bit more cooking. However, if you weigh the advantages of lower cost both in ingredients and in health risks, I think you will find the little extra work is truly worth it.

By making your own soup mixes and using seasonings you probably already have in your cupboard you can lower the calories, cholesterol, fat and sodium as well as your grocery bill. Using only a half-pound of extra-lean ground beef and a reduced-fat cheese further reduces the areas of concern in this spicy casserole.

- EACH SERVING CONTAINS approximately: Original Recipe: 595 calories; 103 mg cholesterol; 32 gm fat; 1,773 mg sodium. Revised Recipe: 414 calories; 61 mg cholesterol; 19 gm fat; 940 mg sodium.

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