Chef Boyardee's Main Meals are 10.5 ounce dinners in the following flavors: Cheese Ravioli Suprema, Zesty Macaroni, Spaghetti Suprema, Beef Ravioli Suprema and Hearty Lasagna. The dinners are microwavable and retail for $1.45.

Kay Hadley: "Chef's Main Meals was devoured before I could even get a taste. My guys all assured me that the spaghetti was quite tasty. The microwavable container serves one nicely and would make a pretty good lunch on occasion. However, for a family of six, it is not a very cost-efficient meal."Don Russell: "Our cheese ravioli suprema was all right to test, but not something we would go out of our way to have again. Although the appearance and taste of this dish are tolerable, this convenient main dish didn't have a lot of appeal. It is not a very cheesy dish. In fact, Chef Boyardee lists more corn syrup than cheese on the ingredients panel."

Doris Wilding: "For one person, this is good. We had the cheese ravioli suprema. If you haven't got much time for lunch, these are great! For $1.45, this is worth a try!"

Judy Slack: "The beef ravioli I tried was delicious and there was more there than most other one-serving dinners. It was really good and I'll definitely buy it again."

Edyth Jensen: "We tried the Zesty Italian Macaroni flavor. I personally do not care for spicy foods so this will not be on my shopping list in the future. But if you enjoy spicy foods you will probably find it enjoyable. There is ample sauce and meat along with the macaroni. There is plenty for one meal especially if you add a green salad on the side."

Linda C. Tingey: "I'm not really big on most prepared items but we heated this up and I thought it was convenient, quick and tasted great. My kids aren't big lasagna fans so I'll try a different flavor, but for nights when you need to pop something in the microwave fast, this is great thing to have on hand."

Conclusion: Chef Boyardee has a winning little microwave dinner (with the exception of one nay vote on the cheese ravioli) for those times when you're rushed and need something quick and easy not to mention delicious.

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