A journalist in China for 50 years is coming to Brigham Young University Wednesday.

At a lecture in the Varsity Theater at noon, Liu Binyan, will discuss what he has seen, heard and lived through during the last half-century of change in China.Eric Hyer, a BYU political science professor specializing in China, said, "Liu Binyan is one of China's most prominent investigative journalists."

Liu's moral integrity and magnetic personality, along with his accounts of corruption in the Chinese Communist Party, have made him the most revered figure among the courageous dissidents of today's China, Hyer said.

After joining the Communist Party in 1944, Liu began to work as a journalist. Because of his writings, he was purged from the party in 1957 and "rehabilitated" until 1979.

He then began to work for the Communist Party's People's Daily.

"For the next eight years, his reporting electrified China," Hyer said. Liu probed corruption in the party and wrote about the gross injustices and suppression of people's rights.

In 1987, Liu was again purged from the party and left China to teach at Harvard University.

While there, Hyer said Liu predicted the Tiananmen Square uprising and the turmoil it would bring to China.

His speech is entitle "A Higher Kind of Loyalty," referring to the loyalty Liu feels people have to criticize that which they do not feel is right.