Classes: First through sixth grades.Subject: Writing, compiling books.

Parent involvement: An open house to show off the books will be held April 11.

Number of students: 450\ Each student has worked for about six weeks illustrating and writing his or her own book. Gloria Taylor, schoolwide enrichment model coordinator, started the writing program last year with the students after school and at home, then this year all grades have been involved during regular school hours. Last year, they concentrated on the illustration of the books, so this year they have worked on plot and character. Students in upper grades have helped the younger children.

THE SCHOOL\ Location: 293 E. Pages Lane, Centerville.

Students: 500, kindergarten through sixth grade

Number of teachers: 20\ Principal: Marilyn Dahl\ School district: Davis


The teacher hopes the students learned: The older students have learned self-esteem in helping the younger children; they have all learned literature concepts and writing skills.

What happens next: The books have been bound by the PTA and will be on display April 11 at the school. The students will also be featured in a video. Some books will be entered in a national competition, "Written and Illustrated By." The Deseret News will publish weekly a feature on school activities. Call Chuck Gates, 237-2100.