Barn-raisings may be a thing of the past, but the spirit behind them is alive and well.

After five years of waiting and planning, Lindon Elementary School is getting its new media center, and principal Gene Maugg said the city has rallied together just like they used to during pioneer days to build a barn or a house."The best thing about this new media center is the community effort and involvement," Maugg said of the addition, which should be complete around May 1, even though the ground was only broken during the first week of March.

Maugg said there hasn't been a hitch in the project, much of which is being built by donated materials and labor.

"All the district had to do was commit some money, and we had taken care of the rest," he said.

John Holden, physical facilities inspector for Alpine School District, said the school board was impressed with the city's work on the media center, which will be just more than twice as large as the present one.

The architectural design and much of the work were already arranged for when the school and the city presented the project to the board for approval, Holden said.

"We feel like this is a very worthwhile community project," said board member Richard Gappmeyer.

According to Maugg, the school board seemed a little skeptical at first.

"But when they saw the number of people who had volunteered and the amount of money we had raised, they couldn't turn us down," he said.

Maugg went on to point out that many of the donations came from people who didn't even have children in the school.

Lindon Elementary School, built in 1967, was originally intended to house 300 students. Now there are 650.

Despite another addition to the school, Maugg said it is bulging at the seams. "Projected growth in the area is phenomenal," he said.

"We really needed to accommodate the children," Maugg said. So the school and city felt the necessity to join forces to pursue the new media center.

And this is not the end.

Maugg said the community has felt so successful with this project that it has already planned to continue to help the school.

"The next projects are to expand the gym and the lunch room," he said.