Former heavyweight champion Larry Holmes begins his comeback at age 41 Sunday night against journeyman Tim "Doc" Anderson in his first fight in three years.

Holmes last fought Jan. 22, 1988, when he was knocked out in four rounds by Mike Tyson in a title bout.Holmes, a grandfather, said he has a four-fight plan he hopes will get him a championship shot next year. But he said if he looks bad in any one of those appearances, he will call the comeback off.

That includes Sunday night. Holmes said if Anderson lasts longer than five or six rounds, he will reconsider his plans.

Holmes will be paid $200,000 for the scheduled 10-round bout, which will not be televised. Ringside tickets cost $250, and include a performance by Holmes, singing with his pop music group, at a post-fight party in the same hotel as the bout.

Anderson is 25-13 with 13 knockouts against an unimpressive list of foes. His natural weight class is cruiserweight, though he has been willing to move up as an opponent for name heavyweights.

Anderson was George Foreman's fourth comeback victim in 1987. He lasted four rounds and helped propel Foreman to his April 19 title shot against Evander Holyfield.

"You know I'm back. And it's for real," Holmes said.