The Reagan administration says it is "reluctant to pass judgment" on air shows, but Air Force officials in California and Utah said Tuesday that flying shows featuring the Thunderbirds will proceed next month as scheduled.

The Thunderbirds will appear at Hill Air Force Base as scheduled Sept. 23 and 24. "We have had a lot of calls and comments, but we will not be canceling the show," a Hill spokesman said.Before flying to Utah, the Thunderbirds will perform at Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. Lt. Col. Richard Hill, a public affairs officer at Vandenberg, said the base's Sept. 18 air show would be "held in strict accordance with Department of Defense and FAA regulations."

Hill said Vandenburg officials had to submit a map of the runway area to the Federal Aviation Administration for approval.

The American military considers air shows a potent recruiting tool, but new safety questions have arisen since an accident Sunday in West Germany in which 47 people were killed and hundreds injured.