A faculty review committee has recommended that a Weber State College employee not be permitted to keep her young daughter with her while working in the college's information booth.

The committee also recommended that Joy Carpenter be given a reasonable amount of time to find child care for her 2-year-old.The recommendations were sent to WSC President Stephen Nadauld, who will have seven days to make a final decision.

"I'm not shocked, but I'm sad," said Carpenter, who has been taking her daughter, Lauren, to the information booth since the girl was a month old.

College officials say they initially allowed the child in the booth because she was recuperating from surgery.

Carpenter, a full-time information specialist, contends no one made a fuss about Lauren until late last year when the mother tried to establish an accountability system on parking ticket revenue.

But officials say the arrangement allowing Lauren in the booth was temporary, and on Jan. 1 they ordered Carpenter to remove her daughter. Robert DeBoer, acting vice president for college relations, said safety and liability concerns prompted the decision.