The problem is strictly black and white - there are no gray areas.

Skunks are roaming the streets, yards, buildings and gardens in Panguitch. And city officials want to get rid of them. So much so, that they're offering rewards to encourage trapping and destruction of the odorous animals."It's a whole stinking problem," quipped City Manager Bruce Fullmer, although he doesn't believe the problem in Panguitch is any worse than in a lot of the other cities and towns in the state. The difference, he said, is that Panguitch is trying to do something.

Fullmer said the city used to contract with Van Barney to get rid of the skunks during previous years, but he died last year. The reward of $5 per skunk being offered is aimed at one individual who might want to undertake the assignment.

Officials won't turn down an individual who finds a skunk or two under a shed or an old house. But the council doesn't want citizens to go out and gather skins and then bring them into town to get a reward,

Asked how the city knows who to pay and whether officials will watch the skunks being destroyed, Fullmer said, that would be left up to those who might destroy the animals.

"We have honest people down here," Fullmer said. "I sure don't want 'em on my desk for verification.