A judge Monday sentenced a man convicted of raping seven women to 142 years in prison, telling him "it's not likely . . . you'll see the light of a free society again."

Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert Fitzgerald was told 26-year-old Robert Dasenbrock raped one woman twice in 12 months, forced another to get her son a drink of water in between rapes, and attacked a third on Christmas Day.Deputy District Attorney Mike Koski said the rapes began in 1985 and continued for two years before Dasenbrock was arrested in April, 1987.

One victim said she was raped by Dasenbrock twice in one year. Before the second rape, he said to her: "Remember the last time when I had to wait for your boyfriend to leave?" she said.

Another victim told how she was dragged from her bedroom to the living room and raped. When her 5-year-old son entered and asked for a glass of water, Dasenbrock held a knife to her back as she went to the kitchen. He raped her again after the boy went back to bed.

The judge noted that the Christmas Day rape took place "nearly under the (Christmas) tree."