State officials are poised to file murder charges against one or more members of the Singer-Swapp polygamist clan, an official said Tuesday.

Paul Warner, associate deputy attorney general, said the state is waiting for a federal judge to sentence four clan members for convictions on charges that include a church bombing.U.S. District Judge Bruce S. Jenkins is expected to sentence four members of the clan Friday for their roles in the Jan. 16 bombing of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stake center in Marion and for a subsequent 13-day police standoff.

Utah Corrections Lt. Fred House was fatally shot during the siege-ending gun battle, but murder charges have been delayed pending the outcome of the federal case.

Warner declined to say which members of the clan would be charged with the murder. He declined to say what degree of murder the count would allege or how many of the convicted clan members would be charged.

Warner said charges may be filed as early as Friday night but most likely next Tuesday.