Until last weekend, a 50-year-old Swedish woman had no idea who her mother and father were. Had her father not left her a small fortune, she might never have known.

Estate administrator Erling Karlsson said Monday that he spent a month tracking down the woman, who he said was left at a foster home in Sweden as a child and had never heard from her parents.He said he informed the woman that her father, Polish-born circus artist Oskar Bindl-Jewelo, died in Germany at age 81 last year and mentioned on his deathbed that he had a daughter.

That daughter, whom Karlsson would identify only as "Monica," was informed over the weekend both of her parents' identity and that her father had left her $417,000.

"After my call, she did not sleep during the whole night," he said.

Bindl-Jewelo was a juggler and rope-walker. During World War II he performed in Sweden with a woman of Asian descent, Monica's mother.

Karlsson said the mother had settled in the United States and may still be alive. She was believed to have moved there after living for many years in Denmark, where she was married to another man.

Karlsson said the woman was being sought, but provided no further details.

Bindl-Jewelo never contacted Monica, who "apparently was leading a good and orderly life in her foster home," Karlsson said.

The estate administrator said he told Monica to contact the press, which could help the search for the mother.