When voters go to the polls Tuesday to decide whether to build the Utah Valley Special Events Center, some may be surprised to discover their normal voting place closed.

Because special elections normally attract few voters, county election officials combined most of the county's voting districts. In November's general election, there were 149 voting districts in the county. For Tuesday's election, there will be 51 voting districts.County election officials said the districts were combined to reduce the election's costs, which were originally estimated to be about $30,000. The fewer polling places, the fewer judges officials need to hire.

However, because residents become accustomed to voting at the same place every year, officials hope the combined polling places will not confuse voters.

Legal notices detailing the districts and the poll locations have been posted in most local newspapers. But many residents may not have checked to see if their polling place has changed.

Provo's 43 voting districts have been combined into 14 districts. Orem's 34 districts have been combined into nine districts.

American Fork, Spanish Fork and Springville have three voting districts. Payson, Pleasant Grove and Lehi have two voting districts. Voting districts for most of the county's smaller cities have been combined into one district.

Election officials say residents who are unsure of their voting place should check with their neighbors, their local election officials or call the county election office at 370-8127.