LIFE STORY\Age: 57\ Born: Ogden, raised in Layton\ Family: wife, Jayne; four daughters, one son.

Education: Davis High School, bachelor's degree in secondary education with emphasis on math, chemistry and physics. Master's degree from Utah State University in education administration; numerous post-graduate courses and seminars.

Occupation: Educator, farmer.\ CITY STATS

Size: 49 square miles\ Population: 42,000\ Budget: General fund, $7.55 million. Total: $12.6 million.\ Number of employees: Approximately 125.

Mayor's salary: $700 a month.

PERSONAL\ Politics: Leans toward Republican.

First "real" job: Took over running the family farm at age 17 when father was disabled.

Management style: Somewhere between telling and sharing.

Why I like being mayor: "I enjoy working with people. I've always had the opportunity and the education to become involved in their problems and have had success in helping them resolve their problems."

Why I hate being mayor: "Hate isn't in there. The thing that bothers me most is getting blamed for something I didn't do or that I have no control over."

Recipe for success: "A willingness to listen, the ability to understand someone else's problems and concerns . . . telling them yes when I can but no if I have to."

A memorable failure: "In all the time I spent working with young people, there were those that I never reached, those that I was never able to get through to."

Heroes: My older brothers and sisters. They're all college-educated, all with advanced degrees who spend time in community service. My older brother, Lionel, developed 10-W30 motor oil.

Leisure: Gardening, camping, snowmobiling.

Favorite book: "The Long Walk," "Exodus to Greatness."

Favorite movie: Not a big movie fan but liked "Somewhere in Time" and "Dances with Wolves."