Age: 61\ Born: Grangeville, Utah.\ Family: wife, Mary-Ellen; seven children and 21 grandchildren.

Education: Attended University of Idaho (Moscow) and Lewis & Clark College (Lewiston, Idaho).

Occupation: Realtor.


Size: 4.5 square miles.

Population: 9,000.\ Budget: $5 million.

Number of employees: 50.

Mayor's salary: $250 monthly, with an additional $150 monthly expense account.


Politics: Republican

First "real" job: Circle `C' Cattle Company in Bannick, Idaho (1943-47).

Management style: Hands-off. "There are only four people under me, and I don't believe there should be too many people over you. I don't want the employees to always feel there's someone looking over your shoulder."

Why I like being mayor: "I enjoy being involved, and it's very rewarding when you get to see development and progress being made. It's nice to know what is going on in the city."

Why I hate being mayor: "It's frustrating seeing projects go undone because there's not enough resources to take care of all of them, especially the ones for which there is so much public support."

Recipe for success: Hard work and integrity. "Also, it's important to treat people how you would like to be treated - fairly."

A memorable failure: "I championed the cause of restoring the old Memorial Building with the hopes of using it as our new administration building, at least until I felt resources were right for building a new one. That failed, but I don't bear any grudges."

Heroes: His father (a world-class rodeo contestant), Lou Gehrig, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln. "Anyone who came from nowhere and made it big with genuine hard work and perseverance."

Leisure: Playing golf, watching spectator sports and reading.

Favorite book: Presidential biographies, especially "Lincoln," by Gore Vidal. Favorite movie: "Funny Girl." "If there was ever a movie I could see it again and again, it would be that one."