Liu Binyan, China's most famous journalist, according to Eric Hyer, Brigham Young University assistant professor of political science, will speak Wednesday, April 10, at noon in the Varsity Theater.

His lecture, titled "A Higher Kind of Loyalty," is free and open to the public. Hyer said it is a wonderful opportunity to hear a Chinese reporter discuss his experiences working under a totalitarian system.Liu's moral integrity, magnetic personality and searing accounts of corruption in the Chinese Communist Party have made him the most revered figure among the dissident literati of independent conscience today, Hyer said.

Liu was born in Manchuria in 1926 and joined the Communist Party in 1944. Because of his activities, he now lives in exile in the United States, where he is in residence at Princeton University. He was twice purged from the party and left China in 1987. He became a Harvard Fellow in 1988-89, at which time he predicted the Tiananmen uprising and impending turmoil in China.