The Newspaper Agency Corp., which handles the advertising, circulation and production of the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune, has signed a letter of intent with Publishers Express, a private delivery company.

According to the agreement, Publishers Express will grant to NAC a license to use the PE name and certain systems to deliver magazines, catalogs, advertising materials and other products to addressed recipients. Deliveries in the Salt Lake area will begin in June.Stephen Kelsey, NAC circulation director, said, "We look forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship."

James R. O'Brien, PE's chief executive officer, said, "The addition of the Salt Lake City area to our network is another major step towards our objective of establishing a nationwide alternative delivery system that will compete with the U.S. Postal Service for the delivery of second and third-class mail."

Howard Rosen, PE president, said the company is negotiating letters of intent with newspaper companies in other major metropolitan markets. "Newspaper companies seem to have an increasingly intense interest in alternative delivery opportunities. At the rate we're going, we expect to add markets more quickly than our original projections."

PE currently delivers 31 different magazine titles and catalogs. An additional 11 titles will be delivered by PE by mid-1991, and several additional titles will be added in the second half of 1991.