Eager to dump those aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspapers and magazines that have been gathering dust while cluttering up your garage for months?

Murray City has a simple solution. Dump it in the city's new recycling trailer.Located in the main parking lot at the rear of city hall, the trailer will be open for the public to dispose of clean, recyclable materials Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. - except holidays.

"We encourage citizens to recycle as much trash as they can," said Murray Mayor Lynn Pett. "The effort can pay many dividends - particularly if we get enough people doing it."

Pett said widespread participation in the new program could significantly reduce the volume of trash going to the city's landfill, extend the life of that facility and produce revenue for Murray's Boys and Girls Club.

Funds derived from the recyclable material will be donated to the club, the members of which will operate the program - a joint effort between Murray City and the Smurfit Corp.

"We think it's a great way to teach our kids the value of a clean and healthy environment and to let them know, first hand, that every citizen - including the young ones - can play a role and make a contribution to the community," said club director Bob Dunn.

Here's how the program works. The trailer contains large, sack-type bins in which each of the recyclable can be placed. Recyclable items include:

- Aluminum cans. Beverage cans only are accepted. Crushed cans are preferred.

- Magazines. No telephone directories or catalogs are allowed.

- Glass. Should be sorted by color. Caps, lids and rings should be removed and bottles rinsed. It's not necessary to remove labels.

- Plastic jugs and bottles. Separate milk jugs, two-liter pop bottles and detergent containers. All bottles should be rinsed thoroughly. Caps and rings must be removed from all plastic containers. Plastic containers should be crushed or cut into halves.

- Newspaper, including all inserts except brown grocery bag paper inserts, are acceptable. Rubber bands and plastic "weather protector" bags should be removed.

- Computer paper. That used in dot matrix or impact printers is acceptable.

- Office paper. White bond paper, photocopy, laser printer and typing paper is acceptable. Colored paper and all envelopes are not. Paper clips, tape, glue and "post-it" notes should be removed, but staples may be left in paper.