Cathy and Kevin Crommar, with children Amy, Kevin and Michelle, above, join hundreds as the the Nauvoo Bell, right, on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, rings 20 times in the first minute of the one o'clock hour Sunday afternoon. It rang forth, along with bells around the nation, as part of the national day of thanksgiving to celebrate the liberation of Kuwait declared by President Bush. The president and his wife Barbara attended services at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston. Stepping to the podium at the end of the service, Bush said a prayer of thanks that the war was relatively short and had few allied casualties. He also prayed for a just peace in Iraq. Bush called for protection of "the innocents who this day are suffering," an apparent reference to Iraqi refugees who were forced to flee their homeland after Saddam's army crushed their rebellion. "And yes, we pray for our enemies, that they may bring a just peace to their troubled land," Bush said. "We are not an arrogant nation, a gloating nation . . . On this special day, this grateful nation says thanks," he said. Bush had proclaimed this weekend one of national thanksgiving for the gulf victory.