A former dispatcher for the Clearfield Police Department is suing Clearfield and Davis County, maintaining she was forced out of her job and her privacy violated.

Dianne Hart's suit in 2nd District Court asks for $250,000 in punitive damages, $200,000 for injury to her reputation, and $10,000 each for loss of past and future income and for emotional distress.The suit also names Clearfield city employees Bonnie Kagan and Shelley Campbell, and Karen Wright, a dispatcher for the county sheriff's department.

According to her suit, Hart was forced to quit as a police dispatcher on April 6, 1990, after audio tapes of what she maintains were private telephone conversations were played by city and county officials.

Hart said a private telephone call from a friend, who worked for the Davis County sheriff's department as a dispatcher, was taped on Feb. 28, 1990, and then turned over to Karen Wright, supervisor of the sheriff's dispatch center.

The telephone call, made from a private residence, concerned personal relationships, Hart said, and had nothing to do with either Clearfield or county business.

Hart said as a result of the tape being played, she was forbidden by her supervisor to talk on the telephone to her friend while at work.

Her personal calls for the next four weeks were taped without her knowledge and turned over to Wright at the sheriff's department, who in turn played them for other persons, Hart said.

That violates the internal policies of both agencies in addition to being illegal, Hart said. Clearfield and county employees also made statements about her work record that were malicious and knowingly false, she claims.

Hart filed damage claims directly against the city and county. The city failed to respond and the county denied her claim, leading to the lawsuit.