Several gunshots were fired near a crowded elementary school playground Sunday afternoon as youths apparently fought over some electronics equipment.

While no one was hit by the bullets, one person suffered minor injuries in the fight and a truck's windshield was smashed with a baseball bat or a crowbar.The incident began shortly after 3 p.m., when two youths playing basketball at the Hawthorne Elementary courts at 1700 S. 600 East were confronted by other youths.

"The dispute was over some property, resulting in a fight, and two or three shots were fired," said Salt Lake Police Lt. Roy Wasden. "We don't know yet who fired the shots or where the bullets hit."

Numerous other youngsters who were playing basketball at the playground scattered before the shots were fired, said Wasden. Police recovered one pistol at the scene, he added.

Broken windows on the south side of the school building led investigators to believe that the bullets might have hit there, but the school's principal later informed them that vandals had caused that damage on an earlier occasion.

Witnesses said the youths used baseball bats and other weapons in the fight. No one was arrested at the scene, but police took four youths to the station for questioning. Also, they impounded the small pickup truck whose windshield was smashed and which contained the disputed property.

The police department's gang unit was asked to investigate the incident.