The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) advises people who are planning to move this summer to start planning now.

Booklets included in a package of four pamphlets "On the Move" (item 464X, 50 cents) suggest you start planning four to six weeks before your moving day.The booklets are "Helpful Hints in Planning Your Interstate Move," "Guide to a Satisfying Move," "Moving and Children" and "Moving with Pets and Plants."

For your copies send your name and address and 50 cents to R. Woods, Consumer Information Center, Department 464X, Pueblo, CO 81009.

Discuss with your mover his rates and his charges, his liability for your belongings, how pickup and delivery work and what claims protection you have.

Before packing, an inventory of your household goods that are being shipped will be made. Make sure all copies of the inventory sheet are legible and your goods described correctly.

The inventory record is one of your most important shipping documents.

On delivery, if any of your household goods are damaged or lost, make note of the facts on the van driver's copy (the original) of the inventory sheet before you sign it.

You do not need to unpack all the cartons and inspect their contents before signing the inventory sheet, but you should note obvious damage to the carton's exteriors. "Concealed" damage discovered later can be reported when a loss and damage claim is filed.

Since reasonable proof must be furnished, leave the damaged items in the carton until they have been inspected by the moving company's agent. A claim for loss or damage must be filed within nine months after delivery.

You may also face special problems if you move with children, pets or plants.

It's a good idea to include the children in making plans for the move. For example, take them with you, if possible, when you go hunting for your new house or apartment. Also, let the children help decide how their new rooms will be arranged and decorated.