William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of Sen. Edward Kennedy and the suspect in the alleged rape of a woman at the Kennedy's Florida estate, has given samples of his blood and hair to Palm Beach police, the New York Times reported Monday.

The newspaper said Smith, a 30-year-old medical student, agreed to comply with the request for samples Sunday morning in Washington but declined to be questioned by police.In rape investigations police frequently compare a suspect's blood and hair specimens to evidence recovered from victims.

Last week police said that a 29-year-old woman had accused Smith of raping her on the grounds of the Kennedy's Palm Beach estate in the early hours of March 30.

The woman was examined at a local hospital about 10 hours after the alleged rape.

Sen. Kennedy, his son Patrick and Smith were at the oceanside estate on the night of the alleged rape. The three have denied being involved in any sexual assault.

Paul Donovan, Sen. Kennedy's press secretary, said the Senator was questioned at his home in Washington Sunday and was cooperating with the investigation.

According to police reports, the alleged rape victim had gone from a local night spot, where she met the Kennedys and Smith, to the Kennedy estate for cocktails at about 3:30 a.m. She said she was raped around 4 a.m.

Michele Cassone, 27, who went to the compound with the group, told reporters at a news conference in Palm Beach Saturday that she had seen a naked woman emerging from the surf near the residence but added she did not appear to match the description of the alleged victim.

Cassone, who works as a waitress at a popular Palm Beach restaurant, denied earlier newspaper reports that quoted her as saying the senator had chased her while he was clad in only a T-shirt.

She described the incident as "very innocent" and said that Kennedy was "the only Democrat I've ever voted for."