Erin Huber, winner of the 15th annual Deseret News Spelling Bee, will be on her way to Washington, D.C., in May as the Beehive State's delegate to the national competition. Erin and a parent will be guests of the Deseret News for Bee Week May 27-31 in the nation's capital.

During the visit to Washington, Erin will be sightseeing along with 227 other top spellers - one more than last year. They represent sponsoring newspapers from around the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Mexico. The armed forces newspaper, Stars and Stripes, is sponsoring a speller from the Department of Defense schools in Western Europe, North Africa and Egypt.The actual spelling competition will be held Wednesday and Thursday during Bee Week. An awards dinner at the Capitol Hilton, just two blocks from the White House, will highlight the week in Washington.

The Utah spelling bee is sponsored in cooperation with the Utah Education Association, State PTA and State Office of Education.

Daniel Briggs, 11, the second-place winner and a fifth-grader at Syracuse Elementary School, received a 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica. The valuable prize features the 12-volume Micropaedia, containing 84,300 alphabetically ordered entries; the 17-volume Macropaedia with 681 articles and 6,000 illustrations; and the one-volume Propaedia that features 15,000 topics and 31,800 titles for suggested reading.

The Random House Dictionary of the English Language: second edition unabridged, was presented to the third-place winner, Louisa Bennion, 13, of Spring City, representing the North Sanpete District.

The book is the first completely new unabridged dictionary published in 22 years with more than 315,000 entries. Major entries show when words were first entered into the language, and tens of thousands of biographical and geographical entries are included, plus more than 2,500 illustrations and spot maps.

Danny Ericksen, 14, Butler Middle School eighth grade, fourth-place winner, received Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary with more than 150,000 vocabulary entries, including 200,000 definitions, 25,000 new words and 3,000 illustrations.

Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus, featuring more than 100,000 synonyms, antonyms, related and contrasted words and idiomatic equivalents, was awarded to Kimberly Stookey, 13, of Grantsville, as fifth-place winner. Both prizes are from Merriam-Webster, Inc.

A special spelling bee edition of the 1991 World Almanac went to the sixth-place winner, Erica Matsumori, 14, Sandy, representing the Jordan District.