Salt Lake County residents generally like the job their new Democratic-controlled commission is doing, the latest Deseret News/KSL-TV poll shows.

Flamboyant Commissioner Randy Horiuchi gets the highest marks and is best known, found pollster Dan Jones & Associates. Horiuchi also gets the highest disapproval rating, however.Horiuchi's popularity likely rankles some GOP leaders, who believe Horiuchi gets too much, and too favorable, press. It's the first time that Horiuchi's popularity has been measured by the Deseret News and KSL-TV. Although well-known while serving two terms as state Democratic Party chairman, this is the first elective public office Horiuchi has held, and the newspaper and TV station poll only on elected officials.

Jones found that 41 percent of county residents strongly or somewhat approve of the job Horiuchi is doing. Twenty-two percent disapprove of Horiuchi's performance and 37 percent didn't have an opinion.

Democratic Commission Chairman Jim Bradley gets a 37 percent approval rating, found Jones. Eleven percent disapprove of Bradley's performance, and 53 percenthad no opinion.

The lone Republican on the commission, long-time incumbent Mike Stewart, gets a 34 percent approval rating, with 11 percent disapproving of Stewart's job performance and 55 percent having no opinion.

Horiuchi and Bradley won election in 1990, taking office the first of 1991. It's the first time Democrats have been a majority on the three-member commission in two dozen years. Horiuchi beat GOP incumbent Tom Shimizu, and Bradley beat GOP incumbent Bart Barker.

Jones last polled on the popularity of county commissioners in December 1987. Then, the commission was made up of Stewart, Barker and Democratic Commissioner Dave Watson. In comparing the two polls, county residents today feel just slightly better about the Democratic-controlled commission than they did about the 1987 GOP-controlled commission.



How would you rate the job performance of:

Mike Stewart Approve 34% Disapprove 11% Don't know 55%

Jim Bradley Approve 37% Disapprove 11% Don't know 53%

Randy Horiuchi Approve 41% Disapprove 22% Don't know 37%