Utah's share of more than $70 million in cash and $95 million in equipment that AT&T has donated to nonprofit organizations over the past two years was $1.04 million, including $104,940 in cash and $931,185 in equipment.

In its biennial report on public service activity, AT&T Chairman Robert E. Allen said the company is committed to a strong philanthropic program.AT&T and the AT&T Foundation support a variety of nonprofit institutions and causes, primarily in education, health and social action, arts and culture.

In 1986-'87, the AT&T Foundation awarded $60 million in grants, nearly half of which went to educational institutions and organizations.

"AT&T corporate donations also allow for the development of public/private partnerships which benefit individuals and communities," said Jack Schiefer, Utah business markets group general manager "It's especially exciting when one of these partnerships helps develop strong employee volunteerism in a program."

The company's public service activity also included volunteer work by employees nationwide in programs ranging from developing marketing campaigns for a community theater, to a "visiting professor" program for historically black colleges and universities, to active membership on many non-profit boards of directors.

The AT&T Foundation matched employee contributions of at least $25 to more than 1,200 colleges and universities. These matched gifts amounted to $5.6 million during the past two years. Foundation grants that matched employee gifts to cultural institutions totaled more than $1.5 million.

In Utah, AT&T provided equipment donation support to Brigham Young University.