With two weeks until draft day, players are going to continue to move up and down draft boards. But here is how one NFL player personnel director sees the top 25 picks going.

1. Patriots: Raghib Ismail, WR, Notre Dame; 2. Browns: Nick Bell, RB, Iowa; 3. Falcons: Todd Lyght, CB, Notre Dame; 4. Broncos: Russell Maryland, DT, Miami; 5. Rams: Mike Croel, LB, Nebraska; 6. Cardinals: Antone Davis, T, Tennessee; 7. Buccaneers: Charles McRae, T, Tennessee; 8. Packers: Kelvin Pritchett, DT, Mississippi; 9. Chargers: Dan McGwire, QB, San Diego State; 10. Lions: Pat Harlow, T, Southern California; 11. Cowboys: Randal Hill, WR, Miami; 12. Cowboys: Bruce Pickens, CB, Nebraska; 13. Falcons: Brett Favre, QB, Southern Mississippi; 14. Cowboys: Eric Swann, DT, Bay State Titans (semi-pro); 15. Steelers: Herman Moore, WR, Virginia; 16. Seahawks: Alvin Harper, WR, Tennessee; 17. Oilers: Keith Traylor, LB, Central State (Okla.); 18. Bengals: Bobby Wilson, DT, Michigan State; 19. Eagles: Eric Turner, S, UCLA; 20. Redskins: Harvey Williams, RB, LSU; 21. Chiefs: Reggie Barrett, WR, Texas-El Paso; 22. Bears: Eric Moten, G, Michigan State; 23. Dolphins: Ted Washington, DT, Louisville; 24. Raiders: Huey Richardson, LB, Florida; 25. 49ers: Mike Pritchard, WR, Colorado.The next time you hear one of those rumors about the 49ers' Steve Young going to New England for the rights to Rocket Ismail, consider this from Tony Razzano, San Francisco's director of college scouting: "He's the greatest return man I've ever seen, but you don't have to kick him the ball.At the other two positions (wide receiver and running back), he's a project."