* WINNERS: The many Americans who are finally getting their priorities straight. A new survey by Princeton Research Associates shows that faith in God is the most important part of Americans' lives, followed by good health and a happy marriage. So much for the old notion that Americans are mainly motivated by greed and personal ambition.

* WINNER: The Philadelphia man who paid $4 for an old painting at a flea market and later found that it concealed a copy of the Declaration of Independence that was printed on July 4, 1776. The document may be worth $1 million. As a result, flea markets around the country can expect to become a lot more popular.LOSERS: Babies whose parents insist on being present until the infant falls asleep. A new study shows that rocking, holding, feeding or otherwise fussing over a baby at bedtime may make the infant more likely to wake up during the night. Another popular misconception bites the dust.

* WINNERS: All those squirmy young scholars who can't wait for recess. A new survey shows that most principals think that recess has educational values and teaches social skills. It seems that youngsters are calmer, more alert and more productive learners when they come back to the classroom after running, jumping, hopping, sliding and standing on their heads in the schoolyard.

LOSER: Bell Telephone of Pennsylvania for billing William and Betty McLaughlin of Jim Thorpe, Pa., a whopping - get ready to gasp - $19.8 million. The gargantuan goof, which was quickly corrected, gives a whole new meaning to the phone company's motto about reaching out and "touching" someone.