When Eugene Jeleznik returns with another edition of "Utah Showtime" on Sunday (1 p.m., Ch. 5), he won't be the only host on the show.

Shawn Southwick - the host of USA cable's "Hollywood Insider" - will be standing at his side.Jeleznik is an old family friend, and Southwick said she's glad to be back in Utah (her parents live in Provo).

"We'll show some clips of some of the things I've done (on `Insider') and also some of the acting things I've done," Southwick said. "I've had kind of a strange career."

Southwick grew up in the entertainment business. Her father was a record company executive, and her mother was a studio singer.

"I grew up having the Beach Boys in my house," she said. "It's the family business. If my dad was a banker, I'd probably be a teller today."

Southwick set out to become a singer herself.

"Then I got divorced, and I had to figure out some way to provide for myself and my son," she said. "With music, you can have a hit record and still make no money. If you're on a TV show, whether it's a hit or not, you still get paid on Friday."

Southwick spent time on a daytime soap opera. ("I hated it. It was the hardest work I've ever done.")

She also was sort of a prime-time vagabond, guest starring on everything from "It's Garry Shandling's Show" to "Who's the Boss?" to hourlong dramas. ("You're the new kid on the block every week. You've got to try to fit in.")

And, rather unexpectedly, it was a sitcom appearance that led to her hosting the celebrity interview show "Hollywood Insider."

"The producer of my show saw me on a `Garry Shandling' episode," she said. "It's kind of strange, because the character I played on (`Shandling') was not anywhere near host material. She was a complete dingbat."

Not that Southwick was without hosting experience. She was the traveling host of the short-lived "Guinness Book of World Records" while co-host David Frost stayed in studio.

"That was kind of a weird job," she said. "I was on the road covering all the weird records that were being set.

"I did everything from hosting bubble gum-blowing contests to covering armadillo races - and ending up with armadillo poop on me.

"Hey, it's all glamour," she said with a laugh.

At least on "Hollywood Insider," there aren't any armadillos to deal with. Southwick's schedule includes flying to New Orleans to interview John Goodman one week, talking to Robert DeNiro the next.

Southwick has also interviewed everyone from Sylvester Stallone to Jane Fonda, Mel Gibson to Michelle Pfeiffer. "Hey, it's a rough job," she said.

"Some people surprise me. I was a big fan of Bill Murray's until I interviewed him and he was a real jerk," she said.

"John Goodman, on the other hand, was a real surprise. He was very busy and tired, but it turned out to be one of the best interviews that I've ever done."

Southwick still harbors some singing ambitions and reads for TV pilots from time to time.

"But I'm happy doing what I'm doing," she said. "I've been very, very lucky, never to have another job - I've never had to wait tables. This is a great way to make a living."Among the other acts on "Utah Showcase" will be some repeat performers - the comedy juggling team of Dan and Matt.

The duo, who met as BYU students back in 1980, appeared with Jeleznik back in 1983. And they've been a few places since - like "Night Court," "Arsenio Hall," "Dynasty" and a whole bunch of commercials.

These guys juggle chain saws, beach balls, fire, hats, balls, rings, scarves, knives and bowling balls.

Not your average jugglers.