Kitty Kelley's unauthorized and reportedly unflattering biography of Nancy Reagan is causing a flurry of speculation weeks before the publication date, including rumors the book reports a romance between the former first lady and Frank Sinatra.

Kelley already has stirred plenty of controversy during her writing career with unauthorized biographies of Frank Sinata, Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Onassis. Her latest "Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography" is due in the bookstores April 17.Despite the publisher's attempts to keep the contents of the book under wraps, there have been leaks, a source at Simon & Schuster admitted Friday.

Even the opening paragraph was reported Friday by the Washington Times. It was quoted as "Two entries on Nancy Reagan's birth certificate are accurate - her sex and her color."

Leaks also inspired stories in the Friday editions of the New York Post and Daily News that Sinatra got further with Nancy Reagan than he ever got with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who regarded the crooner's attempts to get close to the Kennedys as an effort to improve his own reputation, sullied by reported ties to the Mafia.

Reagan, according to the Post, had "romantic White House luncheons" with Sinatra.