You are yearning for them - legends and traditional ways - all of you. These Beauty Way songs, that is what you are yearning for. And they have vanished with the old people and that is what you are missing the most. The ceremonial corn is what you are yearning for, and the white cornmeal and the yellow cornmeal, these are what the young people are missing.

Because of this they are traveling everywhere, they are looking and digging in the earth for these things. They are trying hard. I do not know if the young people will acquire the knowledge again. - Excerpt from "The Sacred"Among some tribes, ceremonies are lost. In others, the land is gone. Technology and the competitive modern world make living the sacred way - living each day as if it were a prayer - more difficult.But just what is tradition? And how do modern American Indians incorporate it into their lives?

For a lucid and poetic description of native religion, read "The Sacred: Ways of Knowledge, Sources of Life," a collection of oral histories, legends and interpretation edited by Peggy Beck, Anna Lee Walters and Nia Francisco.

This is a beautiful textbook. It is published by Navajo Community College Press through Northland Publishing in Flagstaff, Ariz. - Susan Lyman-Whitney