A judge has forbidden a woman from getting pregnant again because she told him she shoplifted to help provide for her children.

Temple D. Perry Nichols of Columbus, 26, who is married, has four children and works as a service station cashier, objected to the pregnancy ban imposed on her by Bartholomew County Superior Judge Chris Monroe."The slave days are over," she told the Columbus Republic newspaper. "No one orders black women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies anymore. It's not a criminal offense to bring a child into this world."

Monroe said Thursday that his order was fitting because Nichols told him she had too little money to care for the children she already has. He said he acted three weeks after approving Nichols' request to go to Indianapolis for an abortion. He originally had sentenced her to four years in prison but relented after she persuaded him to let her be free to care for her family.