Police on Friday identified William Kennedy Smith, nephew of Sen. Edward Kennedy, as the suspect in an alleged rape at the Kennedy family compound.

"We have identified that particular gentleman as our suspect in this case," said police spokesman Craig Gunkel after stating Smith's full name.Smith, 30, is a medical student at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and is the son of Kennedy's older sister, Jean Kennedy Smith, and the late Stephen Smith, a former Kennedy family campaign aide.

Gunkel refused to provide more details or say if and when Smith would be arrested.

Police held a news conference an hour after a judge rejected media requests to unseal a police report on the alleged rape.

Palm Beach Circuit Judge Richard Oftedal said police had no legal obligation to provide the document but they can do so voluntarily.

Investigators complained a deluge of media attention has hampered their investigation and sought to keep details confidential, a decision challenged in court by media organizations.

Sen. Kennedy, 59, who was at the beachside compound the day of the alleged attack a week ago, said he was working out "a mutual time" to talk to investigators, but added, "I'd be glad to do it right now."

He said he had no objection to full disclosure of the details.

"No one will be more eager to get the full report out . . . when the police investigation is completed," Kennedy told reporters in Boston.