Comments from landowners who might be affected by the formation of a redevelopment area in northwest Farmington ranged from critical to supportive. A sampling:

- David Potter, partner in Potter Ranches: "This city is named Farmington and that means farms. People moved here for the rural aspect."I do not think this area is blighted. I think it's what the city of Farmington should capitalize on. The blight is elsewhere. This is a farce."

- Clesse Hilton, owner of 2.4 acres south of Burke Lane: "I'm on the fence."

- Milo Kirkham, member of a partnership that owns four acres now considered wetlands and undevelopable: "I've been looking at doing something with it for 10 years, but with the problems we're having with the Army Corps of Engineers, it isn't going to happen in my lifetime. I'll leave it to my kids to wrestle with."

- Jeff Curtis, Bountiful, owner of two acres in the far north corner on which he plans to build a house: Stores and service stations are nice conveniences and enhance an area, but he warned the council against allowing haphazard development in bits and pieces.

- Robert Strebel, Sunset, owner of several acres around Shepard Lane: "I'm tickled to death."