Remember Ramsey Clark, attorney general of the United States during the Lyndon Johnson administration?

If so, you may understandably now wish you had never heard of the gentlemen and hope you can quickly forget him.Why? Because of his latest exercise in lunacy.

After witnessing Saddam Hussein's unprovoked invasion of a peaceable neighbor, the unspeakable brutalization of its populace at the hands of his troops, and his bloodthirsty campaign against his own subjects, Clark got a bright idea:

Try the United States for war crimes.

Clark's plan is to tour the country, beginning in New York City in May, and convene panels that will "hear" charges that his country conducted the gulf war in criminal fashion. The "evidence" will then be handed over to an "international war crimes tribunal" now being organized in such havens of social justice as Algeria and Jordan.

How unsettling to recall that this clown once held a position of public trust in the United States. And how reassuring to know that his latest charade guarantees he will never do so again.