A woman stranded in a cave for four days after she broke her leg praised her rescuers and predicted she would be back exploring more caves this summer.

Emily Davis Mobley also credited the expert teamwork of her fellow spelunkers, or cave explorers, with getting her out safely on Thursday."It was smoother than I could possibly have imagined it would have been," she told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "It was almost frightening how smooth it was."

Mobley was scheduled for surgery Friday to have a pin inserted in her leg. She predicted she'd be caving again by July.

Mobley was 1,000 feet into the 1,565-foot-deep Lechuguilla Cave on a map-making expedition with several other spelunkers Sunday when a falling rock broke her leg.

She said worried about how long it would take to get her out, but never feared for her life.

"I worried that it might take five or eight days rather than three or four, but I was never worried that I wasn't going to get out," she said.

The precision of the rescue was more noteworthy than the injury, she said. "It was like the parts of a machine all falling into place."