With 1,500 to 2,500 homeless people in Utah on any given day, the State Homeless Coordinating Committee is reminding taxpayers there is a way to help these people.

When filing their 1990 Utah income tax returns, Utah taxpayers can use the check-off box to donate some of their refund to the Homeless Trust Fund. Taxpayers who owe additional money may make a contribution by adding it to their tax obligation.Line 2, Schedule D, page 2, on the long form and line 12, page 1, on the short form are the places that must be marked to make a contribution to the fund. Donations of $1 and larger may be made.

The income tax check-off was established by the Legislature in 1988 and in the current fiscal year $300,000 was appropriated to the fund. Last year, 41,053 taxpayers donated more than $305,000 to help the homeless.