When Utah's 104 legislators meet in special session April 17, they likely will adopt an $85 million bonding package for next year - a package House and Senate members couldn't agree upon in the waning minutes of the 1991 General Session.

When midnight struck Feb. 27 and the general session ended, no 1991-92 bonding bill had passed. Senators sent over a $100 million spending package to the House. House members gutted it and sent back a $50 million bill. Senators refused to accept the changes, and midnight struck two minutes later.Now GOP House and Senate leaders think they have a compromise, one blessed by Republican Gov. Norm Bangerter.

"We can accept the $55 million in building expenditures in the original (Senate) bill," said House Speaker Craig Moody, R-Sandy.In return, senators will drop a couple of buildings tacked on at the last minute and lower the amount they wanted to spend on water projects next year, Moody said.

"We have an agreement in principle. But both (the House and Senate Republican) caucuses will still have to review this and check off," Moody said.

Republicans hold majorities in the House and Senate.


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1991-92 Utah projects

Compromise bonding plan for Legislature to consider April 17. Ranked by priority.

1. Consoldate the schools for the deaf and blind $2,000,000

2. Language/communication building at U. of U. 6,221,300

3. Southern Utah University science center 3,616,400

4. Utah County south National Guard building 885,700

5. Uintah Basin ATC-Multitech Flex wing 2,996,500

6. Northern Utah correctional center phase 1 2,729,800

7. Salt Lake City courts complex, land purchase 950,000

8. Ogden/Weber ATC heat plant 1,195,600

9. Library addition, Phase 1, USU 8,250,000

10. Dixie College library addition 3,197,600

11. SLCC, lifetime center, Phase 1 5,000,000

12. Alcohol Beverage Control, administrative/warehouse 4,081,900

13. Weber State University, student services 3,253,600

14. Box Elder courts building, Phase 1 2,400,000

15. Murray Allen center for the blind 750,000

16. Animal diagnostic lab, Phase 1 2,263,000

17. USU, utilities project, Phase 1 2,500,000

18. Ogden courts building, land purchase 700,000

19. Murray Highway Patrol renovation 284,200

20. Purchase Human Services Clearfield offices 960,000

21. Sevier Valley ATC, land purchase 200,000

Building repairs and improvements statewide 949,200

TOTAL $55,384,800

Water projects (decided by various state water boards)


Road work (Utah Transportation Commission ranks projects)


GRAND TOTAL $85,384,800