In a meeting of Orem's Redevelopment Agency Tuesday night, the group decided to survey an area west of I-15 to Geneva Road and from 800 South to county lands south of 1200 South as a possible redevelopment project area.

City manager Daryl Berlin said a survey area can be as large as desired, but the finished project area cannot have more than 100 acres."This area may be smaller and may be divided into parts," he said.

Councilman Kelvin Clayton reminded the council of the purpose of redevelopment areas.

"The intent of RDAs is to take away a blighted area," Clayton said. He said he does not consider this area blighted.

Clayton said he feels the area would naturally develop with time and that the city is using money that could be allocated for other projects.

Mayor S. Blaine Willes said he does not believe the money would be used for other projects and investing the money in the redevelopment area can bring capital back into the community.

Clayton also pointed out that the city has a business park nearby that needs tenants and it might be more beneficial to put time and resources there instead.

The motion passed and community development administrator Konrad Hildebrandt said it would take about a month to do the survey.

The information will then be presented to the Redevelopment Agency.

Councilwoman Joyce Johnson said the Commission for Economic Development in Orem has recommended the area for a survey and she believes it is in the city's interests to take that recommendation.