Is Hollywood full of Mikhail Gorbachev sympathizers? Conservative media critic L. Brent Bozell III, chairman of the Media Research Center, says movies such as "The Hunt for Red October," two HBO productions titled "By Dawn's Early Light" and "Red King, White Knight," and television shows like "Head of the Class" and "MacGyver" all have shown pro-Gorbachev bias. "When are these folks in Hollywood going to wake up?" Bozell says. "Maybe a trip to the Baltic Republics, Georgia, the Russian republic, et cetera, would be the eye-opener they obviously need." He believes Hollywood has ignored Ronald Reagan's work in ending the Cold War. "People who lived behind the Iron Curtain understand this yet Hollywood doesn't even suggest it," Bozell says. "Either Hollywood is ignorant about world affairs or simply out to ignore them."