Mick Jagger fears contemporary music is suffering from a lack of creativity. "As much as I admire new rock bands like the Black Crowes (who sound much like the Rolling Stones) or whatever, they seem to be coming from some sort of time zone which I vaguely remember," Jagger told the Los Angeles Times. "I find it sort of interesting but we've seen it all before. I'd prefer to see something that is either new and different or at least a mixture of things." Jagger, whose Rolling Stones emulated black blues singers and Chuck Berry in their early days, also cited Vanilla Ice's version of the Stones' classic "Satisfaction" as being imitative. "It sounded mostly like the Rolling Stones," he said. "I have no objection if he wants to do the song but if I were doing a rap version of someone else's song, I wouldn't (rely) so much on something that was done 25 years ago."