The first funny thing about George Wallace is his name, but that was just sort of an accident of birth. It probably got this black comedian a second look, especially in his native South, but what really makes this George Wallace a very fun man is his delivery.

Otherwise, it's hard to explain why a line like this - "I hit my mailman upside the head with a brick and said, `Don't you bring no more bills to this house' " - is so funny. A lot of the jokes Wallace tells are kind of like that - not side-splitting when repeated by someone else, but definitely amusing when delivered in Wallace's Georgia drawl.Wallace is one of those comedians who dwell in the middle realm of the humor hierarchy - several steps above your average, touring stand-up comic and a step below the truly famous. Although most Utahns have probably not heard of him, he has appeared on "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night with David Letterman," and in fact appears next week on Arsenio Hall.

In addition to an endearing delivery, Wallace also has a sharp eye for absurdity, especially the "people say the stupidest things" variety. Why, he wants to know, do we say "he died of an unexpected heart attack?" "We better get that golf game in by noon," he says, looking at his watch. "I'm expecting that heart attack about 11."

And how stupid does Dominos Pizza think he is, he wonders. If they say the pizza will be free if not delivered within a half hour, don't they realize "There's no way I'm going to open the door before the 30 minutes are up."

Also appearing with Wallace were Logan comic Dennis Hincamp, the feature act, and m.c. Ron Pearson.

Hincamp was winner last year of the Utah Laff-Off ("that's sort of like being the best country western singer in Harlem," he explains) and has some very funny one-liners, including this one about being a non-Mormon in Utah: "A lot of Mormon guys call me up and say, `We're having a party and we all want to drive. We need a designated drinker.' "

Ron Pearson, an established L.A. comedian, was much better than your average m.c. (and in fact probably only took the m.c. spot because he is also an owner of Bentley's). Like Wallace, Pearson had a lot of questions for the audience, including this imponderable: Is it OK to put everything that says "wash separately" together in one wash?