A 21-year-old Brigham Young University student who's quick action saved the life of man who accidently touched a live power line has died of the injuries suffered in the rescue effort.

Steven E. Blake, Provo, was injured when he fell on the downed power line after pulling Johnny Wakamatsu, 70, Pleasant Grove, off the live wire.The accident occurred Aug. 10 when two employees of Skywriter Signs were using a boom truck to set a sign in place at 225 W. 2230 N, Provo. Rusty Schweppe, 44, Orem, was operating the boom when it came in contact with a 7,200-volt power line. The shock knocked Wakamatsu unconscious.

Blake, who was driving in the area when he saw the accident unfold, ran to assist Wakamatsu and managed to pull the man off a charged ground wire. The effort caused Blake to fall forward onto the wire.

David Conley, Salt Lake City, saw the accident from a nearby office and also ran to assist. Conley tried to pull Blake from the wire but was knocked unconscious.

Blake remained on the wire with emergency personnel unable to render aid until the power was cut.

Blake was taken to University Hospital in Salt Lake City suffering from extensive burns caused by the contact with the power line.