A Kansas City drug dealer who escaped from the county jail here in February was captured by Los Angeles police, but only after fleeing two more times, police said.

Steven D. Baker, 25, whose Feb. 18 escape with another convicted drug dealer was not discovered for eight days and whose run from the law included being arrested and then unknowingly released on bail in eastern Utah, was seen at 5 p.m. Tuesday by police in Hollywood, Calif.When Los Angeles fugitive-squad detectives approached him, Baker bolted and lost his pursuers after jumping several fences. After a futile foot search, helicopters and two police dogs were called in, with Baker found hiding behind a storage shed.

Handcuffed and placed in a patrol car after his arrest, Baker escaped again by kicking open a car door and had to be recaptured after a three-block chase.

Baker was convicted last year on drug-trafficking charges along with former Kansas City fire Capt. Gilbert L. Dowdy, who is serving a life sentence without parole.

Baker and Herbert Montanye, 50, who was convicted in a separate drug case, were being held in February in the Dickinson County Jail in central Kansas while awaiting sentencing.

On Feb. 18, the two men used five hacksaw blades that Montanye had hidden in a tennis shoe to saw their way out of jail. By the time Abilene jailers noticed on Feb. 26 that the inmates were gone, Baker had escaped from police twice.

In eastern Utah, a highway patrol officer tried to stop their car for a traffic violation on Feb. 22. Montanye and Baker tried to outdistance the trooper, but the driver lost control of the car, and it went into a ditch. The two ran, and four hours later officers on horseback captured Baker. Montanye remained at large.

Unaware that Baker was a fugitive, Utah authorities charged him with evading an officer and set his bond at $10,000. That night, a man and a woman flew from Kansas City and paid Baker's bond in cash on Feb. 23.

On March 4 Montanye was captured in Utah after breaking into a highway patrol office.