Before we announce the winners of the Deseret News/Morris Air Service 14-Day High-Fiber Megadose Miracle-Cure Brain Teaser, we'd like to say we're sorry about all those sleepless nights we caused you. But we only did it for your own good.

Our goal was to add a little color to your gray matter after a winter of inactivity. Now that spring is here, we knew you wouldn't want to go outside with flabby brains.Judging from the responses - some of which came in just minutes before the deadline as readers struggled to figure out the clues - it looks like your brain cells got the workout they needed.

"That was fun. But it's driven me crazy for a while," said Norma Haynes, who was one of about 150 readers who came up with the right answer, making them eligible for grand prize.

The contest, which began March 15, required readers to look for a clue hidden somewhere in the paper each day for 14 days. After 14 days there were 14 words, which then had to be arranged into a sentence.

The sentence was this: "Call the Deseret News library April 2 and say `I want a 50-year subscription.' "

We had scores of wrong answers, such as "I want a 50-year flight plan subscription," "I want to book a flight on Continental 50," and "Code 50: I want a subscription."

Local libraries also got lots of calls asking for subscriptions. And we got calls to all sections of the Deseret News, plus the Newspaper Agency Corp., from people who hadn't figured out the word "library."

First prize, determined by a random drawing of all 150 correct entrants, goes to Alan Nielsen of West Jordan. He wins a trip for two, courtesy of Morris Air Service, to San Diego, plus $100 in spending money. Second prize, a trip for two to San Diego, goes to Marianne Jenson of Salt Lake City.

Ten entrants also will receive Deseret News T-shirts: Toni Asay of Farmington; Mike Davis of Sandy; Andra Hamilton of Sandy; Kathryn Mace of Orem; Sue Peterson of Centerville; and Debbie Fuller, Charlotte Kesler, Kate Lahey, Laurie Lundberg and Elaine Wright of Salt Lake City.

And we'd like to give a special note of recognition to Randy Coleman, who is allergic to newsprint and had to wear special protective lotion just to play.

Many of you asked if we would please have another brain teaser ("We don't even care if the prize is just an ice cream cone," said Paula Morris, whose whole family helped figure out the answers). So, as soon as we give our own brains a rest, we'll try to think of some more clues. In the meantime, watch for other Deseret News contests.CLUE ANSWERS:

Clue 1: CALL - as in call forwarding, bird call, call to arms, call waiting, call letters and "Call Me Irresponsible" (the old Frank Sinatra song).

Clue 2: AND - the numbers 2, 6 and 3 correspond to the letters ABC, MNO and DEF on the phone. You also could have come up with the word COD, but we hope you didn't.

Clue 3: LIBRARY - we heard a lot of grumbles about this one, even among readers who finally figured out that Calvin Smith, Rose Park, Tyler, East Millcreek and Harold B. Lee are all names of libraries.

Clue 4: SUBSCRIPTION - That was a picture of a submarine (not a torpedo) and handwriting (script, in other words).

Clue 5: YEAR - World Book Volume 21 includes the letters X, Y and Z; Volume 6 is E, Volume 1 is A and Volume 16 is R. The answer could also have been WEAR, but that wouldn't have made any sense. If your World Book is really old, you don't even have a volume 21. But you probably already figured that out.

Clue 6: A - That picture was a signal flag for the letter A.

Clue 7: SAY - You had to find a map of Niger and look up the correct coordinates, which would lead you to a town called Say.

Clue 8: DESERET - The insect was a honey bee (not a yellow jacket). In Mormon tradition, the beehive and the honey bee are symbols for the State of Deseret.

Clue 9: THE - Another mean clue, we guess. What you were supposed to do was call a record store and ask them who sings the three songs we listed. Answer: A modern music group known as The The. A lot of entrants admitted they never got this answer right, but figured out what to do April 2 anyway.

Clue 10: NEWS - All you had to do was recognize that the directions (N-S-E-W) were scrambled. But some readers thought the clue, which included a picture of North America, referred to Continental Airlines.

Clue 11: APRIL 2 - That's the date for the sunrise and sunset listed in the clue, plus the birth dates for all those famous people.

Clue 12: I - On the typewriter, between and below the asterisk, parenthesis, 8 and 9.

Clue 13: 50 - A simple story problem not even requiring calculus.

Clue 14: WANT - All you had to do was look in the Classified Ads under 100 until you found the Brain Teaser logo and the word "want."